Blackjack For Beginners

Blackjack For Beginners

Blackjack is a game that everybody likes to play. The card game has managed to gain an overwhelming popularity over the years, and with the inception of the online casino, the game has touched new heights. In addition to that, the game is quite simple, and anybody can get the hang of the game in no time. However, with the beginners, any game can be confusing. So, in this regard it’s always best to make sure that you know the rules of the game.

rules of the game

What are the rules?

The rules of the game are simple. It will take a little time to get the hang of the game. The task is to reach 21. The players play against the house/dealer, so that’s where they need to focus their attention. It’s equally important to mention that if the dealer got the 21, then he will win. In addition to that, you are not to exceed 21 in the game. That will be a bust out. As mentioned earlier, the game will have values, so each card will carry a value. The first is the Ace that can either act as 1, or 11. It will be up to your requirements in the game. The number cards will have their face value, and the cards J, Q, and K will act as 10. If there are more than two decks, then the dealer will deal the cards from a shoe. This makes it easy to hold, and deal the cards.

Get the chips, or exchange on the table:

Blackjack tables don’t allow the player to put the money on the table. However, players can get the money exchanged on the table after it has been verified by the pit boss. Otherwise, get the money exchanged from the counter. In case of the online casinos, there’s no need for that. You can directly start paying on the table. Each table will have its rules, and limitations. This will be written on the table, and it would be wise to take a look. In case of the online casino, you will be given the rules before the game starts. Take some time to understand the rules so that the game starts.

cards dealt

How are the cards dealt?

The dealer will deal you two cards. The first cards will be face-up to you, and then the dealer will give one to himself with face-down. At the end of the dealing the dealer will have the two cards, with one of them being face down. It’s equally important to mention that if you’re playing the game, then you must get the terminology of the game to get the right picture. Take some time to get the casino lingo, and then proceed.


Blackjack is the easiest game that one can play. The rules are simple to understand, and with few sessions of gambling, you will get the insights into the gambling as well. On top of that, you also have the free websites where you can practice the game without any hassle.

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